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Super Tutors'
Founder and Managing Director

Hi! I'm Julie-Anne, AKA Julie, Super Tutors' Founder and Managing Director. 


I established Super Tutors in 2010. I'm a fully qualified and highly experienced educator with over 20 years' teaching experience. I've taught all levels - kindergarten, primary, secondary & university level across the globe in Taiwan, Mexico, Ecuador, Gran Canaria, England and Northern Ireland.  

I have a Masters in English, PGCE English with Drama and am working towards a Doctorate in Education.

My research specialises in the psychology behind motivating students to learn. Through a mixed methods approach, I sought insight into the motivating strategies teachers in Northern Ireland adopt. I will share my research on our website once complete. 

My high level of education, extensive experience, knowledge and expertise, has given me the prowess to build an amazing team of Super Tutors! Above all this, I'm blessed to have crossed paths with such beautiful, talented, caring, loving and passionate educators.

At Super Tutors, we work together to enhance our professional development. We are continually developing and improving our teaching approach to fulfil our mission to encourage independent learning, promote a motivation to learn and inspire life-long learning. We aim to bring a love of learning to all our students. 


Love learning, learn with us! ❤️ 

Meet the Super Tutors' Business Team

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Super Tutors'
Head of Tuition, Finance & Administration

Clare is responsible for the day-to-day running of Super Tutors Academy. She manages all administrative functions of the business, including enrolments and finance. 



Super Tutors'
 Business Manager

Pam strives to improve the overall experience for parents, guardians and students by streamlining business and enrolment processes.



Super Tutors'
Safeguarding Officer

Claire's mission is to promote a safe environment for children and young people.

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