Types of Tuition 




Face to Face Lessons 

Face to face lessons are held in our Carrickfergus premises.

The classrooms, hallway and bathroom (including doors and handles) are cleaned daily and regularly disinfected. Tutors wear masks and disinfect working areas between each tutoring session. 


Online Lessons


Online lessons have been a huge success! For school-aged students unsure about online learning, we offer a free online introductory meeting to set minds at ease and to give students a chance to get introduced to their tutor.


Joining an online lesson is simple. Your tutor will email you a link - you simply click on the link and it will take you into the Super Tutors’ online lesson. Voila! 


One to One & Paired Tuition


One to one and paired lessons are a great way to boost confidence, build on skills and improve academic performance.

Lessons are tailored to suit each individual student’s level and needs. Our teaching style and methods differ for each student depending on their age, level, subject knowledge, needs and personality. We take different approaches when explaining concepts; simplifying them and making them easy to understand. Years of experience gives us the edge: we know exactly which approach to take to bring our students the most effective learning experience.  


Group Tuition


Info for all Students

Depending on the course being offered, the student may be required to undertake a free assessment before entering a group to ensure they are grouped with students with similar needs and ability. 

Lessons are planned well in advance to create structured, interactive and enjoyable lessons. Our students get a lot out of the lessons and love learning with us. We make learning fun and adapt lessons to suit the individual needs of the group as well as the whole group’ needs.


Information for Primary and Secondary Students

Group lessons are an excellent way for students to develop their social skills and independent learning skills.


We don't give homework to students in group sessions for numerous reasons. For more individually targeted tuition (with or without homework at your request) we recommend one to one lessons. 


Despite our love for all children and strong desire for inclusion, children with behavioural difficulties will not be able to join a group. Disruption to lessons not only hinders the learning of all students, but it can also be detrimental to the wellbeing of the student who is misbehaving. We understand the need for love, support and interpersonal relationships when children are facing behavioural difficulties and can better tend to these needs in a one to one setting. We also provide a mentoring service for students who are facing behavioural, emotional and academic difficulties. Our tutors have a wealth of SEN experience and can provide one to one tuition for children with specific needs. Tutors and mentors can work with parents to find the best approach for their child.


Students who are really struggling and well below their class average would benefit more with one to one support. 

It is highly important to us that students enjoy their lessons with us. We do all we can to ensure their satisfaction and happiness. We focus on building resilience, promoting positive mindsets, and creating an atmosphere of care, encouragement, support and respect. 

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