Terms and Conditions

One to One, Paired & Group Tuition

Super Tutors Academy' terms and conditions have been created to provide the best teaching and learning experience to all. We invest in the best resources, learning platforms, and management systems so that our business operates optimally.

The following explanations are written from the perspective of face to face lessons but also apply to online lessons. 


How do payments work?


In order to manage finance effectively, we require advance payments. Payments can be made for one lesson at a time but most payments are via subscription. This helps us minimise administrative duties which gives us more time to work towards resource building, lesson planning, and teacher professional development. 

Payments are made via our website. We accept debit and credit cards. Payment is due before the lesson date. If we do not receive payment before the lesson, the lesson slot may be allocated to another student.

Can I reschedule?


One to One and Paired Tuition

Tutors require at least 24 hours’ notice for rescheduling.

Please let us know well in advance days the student will not be able to attend (e.g. future holidays, events). The more time we have, the more we will be able to accommodate. Please note, our tutors are in high demand and due to their limited availability, rescheduling can at times be difficult. Excessive rescheduling requests or no shows may result in losing the slot.

Group Tuition 

Group tuition is usually provided in a block of lessons or a course with fixed dates and cannot be rescheduled.


When group tuition is provided as a course to a company or specific group of clients, rescheduling is at the discretion of the tutor providing the course. 


What if the student is too sick to attend?


In the case of illness for one to one and paired tuition, the lesson will be rescheduled as long as we have received at least 24 hours' notice.


Group lessons cannot be rescheduled. 

For all forms of tuition, the tutor will WhatsApp images of the planned/missed work within 48 hours of the missed lesson.

If students are well enough, they can take the lesson online. (Please note, at such short notice the tutor will not have had time to prepare and online lesson, but they will do their best to accommodate). 


How do online lessons work?

Tutors may use our online learning platform but will initially connect with you via WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype. The beauty about online tuition is that the lesson can be taken almost anywhere. Lessons can be carried out on your mobile phone but for the best online learning experience, we recommend a tablet, PC or laptop.


What if I forget about the lesson?


One to One and Paired Tuition


The tutor will WhatsApp the student or their parent/guardian within 5 minutes of their not arriving to class. Please let tutors know if you are running late. If the student/s cannot make the lesson on time, the tutor can arrange an online lesson. (Please note, at such short notice the tutor will not have had time to prepare an online lesson, but they will do their best to accommodate). 

Group Lessons 

During group lessons, tutors are busy tending to the needs of their students and may not be able to WhatsApp a lesson reminder to the student or their parent/guardian. 

To avoid missing lessons, please set alarms or reminders on your mobile devices. 

Why do I have to pay for missed lessons?

No shows and last minute cancellations are paid for because we pay our tutors for their time here. In addition, tutors put a lot of time and preparation into lessons. 

To get the most out of tuition, it is important that students attend on a regular basis to reinforce and build on learning. No shows and last-minute cancellations can inhibit student learning, and progress.


What if my tutor can’t make the lesson?


One of the challenges that students/parents/guardians face when going through a private tutor is being let down by constant cancellations and lesson rescheduling. This is unlikely to happen at Super Tutors' Academy. Our tutors are dedicated, consistent and reliable.


However, if a tutor is unable to make a lesson, we will try and find a substitute tutor to take their place. If this is not possible, we will reschedule the lesson. 

All our tutors are highly qualified, experienced and excellent! We keep up to date lesson plans and records of students' needs and learning, and regularly communicate. This means that when substituting, we know exactly what to work on with the student/students.

For group lessons, if we cannot find a suitable substitute, we will credit your account with the lesson amount. If the missed lesson is the last lesson in a course or term, we will refund the lesson amount. 


How do I cancel lessons entirely?


Please let us know as soon as you decide to cancel lessons and we will cancel the subscription for you. Please note we require at least one week’s cancellation notice to give us time to allocate the slot to another student.

What if I am not happy with something?

At Super Tutors' Academy we believe that communication is key to progression. Please always let us know your thoughts, feelings and suggestions. We greatly value and appreciate your custom and feedback, and strive to provide you with the best service at all times. Should you have any feedback or concerns, please contact our Director, Julie-Anne. 

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